.9 Tech Due Diligence Calculator

Introductory Note

This calculator is NOT part of the technical due diligence of Point Nine Capital.

You can find a longer explanation about the way we perform technical due diligences for startup invesments in this article.

If you landed here and haven't seen the tech due diligence calculator yet, check the typeform that implements it here.

In this gitbook, you will find:

  • a list of questions by topic that help us understand how are you building your tech and engineering team
  • suggested answers to each different question
  • a suggested rating for each of the different answers, that tries to weight it's importance in a well performing early-stage startup engineering team.

You should be aware that the rating is very opinionated - potentially arbitrary in some cases?. It tries to highlight red flags, therefore the negative points have a higher weight in the final result than the possitive ones. The rating is based on the (small?) sample of companies that we see as early stage investors.

Please don't take your rating very seriously.

Please make comments to this book or contact with me at @DecodingVC.

I would love to hear specially about:

  • Where I’m plain wrong.
  • Where I can be missing exceptions.

I hope that, all together, we will make it a bit less painful to go through a startup tech due diligence.

Thank you for your contribution.

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